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Aligning the brand and its dealer network


H-D’s many departments and business units were developing plans, promotions, marketing tactics, training and communications independently and often overlapping one another, leaving dealers struggling to prioritize and activate. The result was a splintered retail brand presence and a highly unaligned dealer network.


We developed a Retail Integration program to align the H-D business units and provide dealers a cohesive, turn-key retail marketing program that would deliver brand consistency and drive retail performance.

The approach focused on:

  • Driving immediate retail results and maximizing dealer profitability 

  • Providing solutions that would act as the foundation of a dealership’s marketing strategy

  • Delivering a single integrated solution across the entire dealership, focusing on key products and services 

  • Streamlining all the marketing guidance to support dealers into comprehensive 2-3-month programs

  • Integrating and aligning business unit and retail-facing corporate objectives 

  • Delivering campaigns, promotions and consumer experiences that allow dealers to fully leverage the power of the H-D brand while maintaining the uniqueness of their dealership



100% utilization across the U.S.

dealer network

Share of voice for

H-D retail tactics

more than doubled

Tactics and product promotions consistently outperformed brand goals

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